Aloha Lacrosse

Coach Registration FAQs

How does the registration process work – without getting into all the details?

1. Register your team(s) by using your Player First Account or creating a Player First Account for your organization.  Your Username and password will be used for all 3 Step Brands: Hogan, NXT, Aloha, Robinson Sports, etc. All  coaches, Team Admin in your programs will use the same Username and password for the team account.

How do I send Waivers to my families?

 Invite players from your Dashboard for each team separately – these are your waivers. See Waiver process below. After invites are all accepted – submit each team’s complete roster separately.

STEP 1: Log into your PlayerFirst Account by Clicking HERE. Your login works across all sites on the PlayerFirst platforms including Aloha, NXT, Hogan, 3d Events, Robinson, etc.

STEP 2: On your dashboard click TEAMS. You will now see all the teams you have registered. Click + ROSTER/WAIVER

STEP 3: Agree to the terms.

STEP 4: Add athletes to the roster. Choose START FROM SCRATCH. Once you have a completed a roster for an event you can choose from drop down for future 3 Step brand events including Aloha, Hogan, NXT, etc. Rosters will be stored for 2 years.

 STEP 5:  Add Players either individually or by uploading a CSV file. Please use the template you were sent to ensure that it will upload properly. Columns must be formatted as Player First Name, Player Last Name, DOB, Player Email (Leave blank if you don’t have), Parent Email, and Jersey Number. After you have filled in the data – REMOVE THE HEADER SO THAT ONLY DATA REMAINS.

Once uploaded you will see the players’ names and information populate. Players information will populate – click SAVE ROSTER. Click YES send Invites.

After you have uploaded roster you can also Copy and Paste the link (see below) and send to parents after you have uploaded the roster.

STEP 6: Once sent your dashboard with allow you to edit Rosters add coaches and you can track players who have accepted. You can resend invites individually or if you scroll to the bottom click EMAIL ALL PLAYERS WITHOUT VALID WAIVER.

Step 7: Once all players have accepted their waiver (green check under waiver column) you can scroll to the bottom and SUBMIT ROSTER.

Which Division should I register my team?

We are striving for an equal level of competition while providing for a safe and fair environment for the players to compete in all age groups.  We encourage all teams to push themselves to play against the highest level of competition possible – without jeopardizing the safety or experience of their players.

Here are some suggestions:

For most teams, refer to playing level in your spring league or prior tournaments to determine the most appropriate divisions for our tournaments.  You may also call or email us directly and we can provide you with personalized guidance to help you through the process.  We will try to accommodate any special scheduling requests possible, but please note that we will not cater schedules specifically to certain teams that might create any sort of competitive advantage or at the expense of other another team.  The bottom line is that we want the players to have a fun, safe, and competitive experience.  It’s not always going to be perfect, but we will do our best to make this happen.

I want to pay by check – how do I do that?

If you plan to pay by check, please send us an email at to request Pay By Check option added to your account.

We will hold your registration for seven (7) calendar days while we wait to receive your check.  If we do not receive your deposit check within those 7 days, you will risk losing your spot to another team that completes their payment ahead of you.  Checks should be made payable to ‘Aloha Tournaments’ and ALL checks should be mailed to the following address. Please note tournament name and teams.

Checks made payable to: Aloha Tournaments 
Mail to:

Aloha Lacrosse
Department 2780
PO Box 986500
Boston, MA 02298-6500

I have another coach or team administrator that handles waivers and rosters – can I assign that role to them?

Yes!  You can assign another person as an Administrator for your team. Under your Player First Team account click ADD CONTACT. They will have the same access to player waivers as you.

I am trying to invite my players, but it won’t let me.

When uploading a roster it must include only the 6 columns: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Athlete Email, Parent Email and jersey Number. Remove headers and save as CSV (comma Delimited).

Is there a waiver link or hard copy that I can send to my parents?

You can send a link directly to parents AFTER YOUHAVE UPLOADED YOUR CSV ROSTER.  Go to your dashboard and click on teams. Click START FROM SCRATCH. On the top of the next page copy link and send to your parents.

How do I pay my outstanding balance?

You can log into your account and pay your invoice through your dashboard here.

If you still need help or have any other questions, please email us at or give us a call at (410) 252-5642.