Sunday, November 3, 2024

New Day- we are playing Sunday! Gatorfest features girls youth and high school programs from across the U.S who will compete at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. This event features competitive clubs in the Maryland area as well as top programs from out of state. Minimum 3 games per team and all brackets will play to a Championship.

Lutherville-Timonium, MD

Event Details


Sunday, November 3, 2024


Maryland State Fairgrounds
2200 York Road
Lutherville-Timonium, MD

Cost: $1250

Includes 3 game minimum. All divisions play to championship.



  • Varsity
  • Rising Stars (2027/2028)
  • 2029
  • 2030
  • 2031
  • 2032
  • 2033
  • 2034
Charmers lacrosse MD
Check-Hers Elite  MD
Coppermine MD
ESP Lady Vipers MD
Fallston Cougars MD
Gonzo MD
Hurricanes  PA
Integrity Lacrosse MD
MC Elite  MD
Rebels  MD
Renegades  MD
Rockettes MD
Saltwater MD
Sky Walkers MD
South Carroll Select  MD
Texas Nationals TX
Viva Lax Vixens MD
WAYS Wildcats  MD
West Coppermine  MD


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Policies & Rules

Why Aloha Tournaments

  • Competitive and Balanced Divisions
  • Accommodating to Grad-Year and Age-Based teams
  • Team and Family Friendly Scheduling
  • Premier High School Recruiting Opportunities
  • First Class Venues With Ample Parking
  • Best-In-Class Customer Care and Attention All Year Long
  • Unparalleled Player and Fan Experience
  • Prizes for Champions
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All Aloha Tournament events are smoke free, pet free, and alcohol free events. No grills, generators, noisemakers or air horns are allowed.  Thank you for respecting our fans and players! 

Girls Field

2024 USA Lacrosse Women’s Rules will be used for ALL graduation years 2025-2034 with the following exceptions:

  • 2031-2034 teams will play MODIFIED CHECKING


In the event of any inclement weather, extreme temperature, visibility issue and/or dangerous field conditions our Director of Health and Participant Safety may recommend modifications to game time for safety reasons.


Playing time will consist of two (2) twenty-minute running time halves, with a 2-minute halftime. Running central clock. No time outs.


Yellow cards: If a yellow card is issued, it is a 2-minute NON-RELEASABLE penalty that begins once the player exits the field. If a penalty occurs immediately before the end of the 1st half, the penalty will continue into the second half until the full two minutes have been served. If two yellow cards are issued, a player is ineligible for the rest of the game. If a red card is issued, that player is removed from that game and the following game.  If 4 yellow cards are issued to a single team in a single game, the offending team must play man-down for the remainder of the contest.

8-meter shot: If the game horn sounds before an 8 meter can be taken, the shot will be taken but play will end upon a Goalie save or a missed 8 meter. There will be no opportunity for a change in possession or rebound by either team.


There will be no stick checks prior to the start of a game. Coaches can not request a stick check of an opposing player. All sticks must comply with NFHS and USA Lacrosse guidelines.


All Divisions participate in checking corresponding to USA Lacrosse and NFHS rules.*

*Special note for 8th grade or rising 8th grade Division: This age group may do full-checking if both teams agree prior to playing; If both teams are playing with full-checking then all USL High School rules apply; If one team wants to play with modified checking, and one does not wish to play with full checking, then the modified checking rule will stand, and all USA Lacrosse U13 rules will stand.




Pool Play Overtime – There will be no overtime in pool play. At the end of the game, if the whistle has already blown to stop play for a major foul in the arc, a free position will be set up on the 8 meter arc and one shot, no pass, no rebound play will be permitted. In this case only, if play is stopped by another major foul, the play will reset.

In the event of a tie in playoff quarterfinals or semifinals, overtime will consist of a 4-minute sudden victory overtime period followed by a 1v1 Brave Heart competition until a goal is scored (2v2 including goalies). During a Braveheart, if a foul is committed normal USL rules apply.

Championship Overtime – Championship game will consist of unlimited 3-minute periods until a goal is scored. Each team will be awarded one 30 second timeout and the clock will stop.


Applied when there is a (7) goal deficit in pool play in Youth Divisions only. Teams down by 7 or more goals will get a choice to have a free position at center after each goal. If both coaches agree to waive the mercy rule, play will start with a draw as per USA Lacrosse rules.


In the event of a forfeit, the winning team will be awarded 7 goals in reference to the 7 goal max differential. If a team forfeits a game, they will be ineligible for championship bracket play.


Will be kept by the field coordinator. Post game the field coordinator will certify the official score with both coaches and officials. Once scores are certified & reported they may not be challenged. If a dispute arises, please call a tournament director to the field. If a coach has concerns about the final score of a game, the coach should immediately bring the concern to the attention of the field coordinator and game referees prior to that score being reported to the tournament directors. Once reported, scores may not be challenged. Tournament Directors will only communicate with head coaches and/or club directors.


Teams will be seeded according to their overall record based on points; teams receive 3 points for win, 1 point for a tie. If two teams are tied on points after the pool play the following tie- breakers will be used.

1) Head to Head

2) Goal differential (max 7 per game +/-)

3) Goals against

4) Coin flip.

In the event of a 3+ team tie, the tiebreaker process starts at step 2. Once a team is selected as winning the 3+ team tiebreaker, the tie breaking process restarts at step 2 until 2 teams remain. The process starts at step 1 once 2 teams are remaining.


No player can compete on more than one team within the same age group or grad year for a different club. Limited age exceptions can be made in advance at the discretion of tournament directors. No roster number limit.


Delays of the game due to injury may result in shortened game times. All games must end prior to the next scheduled game on that field. Field coordinators should summon the trainer to the field in case of injury or emergency.


If a player leaves the sideline to get involved in an on the field altercation, or a player on the field runs from the opposite end crossing the midfield, that player is automatically ejected from the game and the following game. The player may also be removed from the league/tournament. The offending team may have to forfeit the game at the discretion of the tournament director. In the event that both teams have players exhibiting this behavior the game may be called and both teams will have the game recorded as a loss. The offending team or teams also may render themselves ineligible for the playoffs. The coaches and officials are expected to protect and promote the safety and well-being of all players. Any player, fan or coach ejected from a game will be prohibited from competing in/coaching/watching his/her team’s next game. If this happens a second time, said participant will be disqualified from the event. Ejections are determined by the referees; expulsions by the tournament directors.


Alcohol, drugs, discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation by players, coaches, or fans will not be tolerated. If a player, coach, or fan is proven to be in violation of this, the result will be an immediate ejection from the tournament venue at the discretion of the tournament director.


In the event of adverse weather conditions, the tournament director reserves the right to:

  • Reduce the game times in order to catch up with the schedule or cancel games as needed
  • Finish games before inclement weather arrives or to preserve field conditions.
  • Reschedule games, if possible.
  • Convert tournament to a “Festival” format without playoffs or championships to provide the majority of the teams the opportunity to play as many games as possible.
  • Every attempt will be made to update cancellations on the Aloha Tournaments website. However, weather conditions can change rapidly, and all teams should be prepared to play as soon as weather clears and fields are playable.

If thunder or lightning is observed at any location, play will be suspended immediately, and players and fans will be required to leave the field. Play will be allowed to resume 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sight of lightning is observed.  If a game is in progress:

  • The period will end immediately.
  • If a game is in the second half of running time period the game will be considered final and the score at that point will be recorded.
  • If a game is in the first half of running time when play resumes it will be the start of the second half of the running time period.
  • Every attempt will be made to begin subsequent games on time. If the start of the second half of the suspended game delays the onset of the subsequent game the following actions will occur:
  • The suspended game will play a 20 minute running time second half.

Subsequent games will begin immediately after the preceding games (teams will warm up on the sideline prior to the game). These games will consist of one 25 minute running time period until games are back on schedule.  Teams will have one 30 second timeout per game not to be used in the last two minutes of the  game (the clock will not stop during these timeouts).

  • Once games are back on schedule, they will revert back to  25 minute running time periods.
  • We will make every attempt to play every minute of every game, but we will not jeopardize the safety of any player.
  • All games canceled due to weather will be considered a 4 – 2 win for both teams.


All Aloha Tournament events are smoke free, pet free and alcohol free events. No grills, generators, drones, noisemakers or air horns are allowed.  Thank you for respecting our fans and players! 



Deposits are non-refundable for all Aloha Tournaments Lacrosse team events. Teams attending an Aloha Tournaments Lacrosse team event must pay an initial deposit with the full balance due in full 60 days prior to the event. If an event is involuntarily cancelled, teams paid in full will be offered a 90% credit or a 50% refund of their paid in full balance. Those teams not paid in full (deposit only or partial balance) will receive a 50% credit of the balance paid. Credits or refunds will be processed a minimum of 60 days after the event. Aloha Tournaments Lacrosse will not be responsible for any ancillary or related expenses incurred by any individual, team, club or organization if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part. 


Deposits are non-refundable for all Aloha Tournaments Lacrosse team events. Teams attending an Aloha Tournaments Lacrosse team event must pay an initial deposit with the final balance due in full 60 days prior to the event. If a team that has paid in full wishes to withdraw and submits a request at least 60 days prior to the scheduled event date, Aloha Tournaments Lacrosse will issue a full credit less the initial deposit amount or a full refund less the initial deposit amount. No credit or refund requests of any kind will be granted if a cancelation is made less than 60 days prior to the scheduled event date. Credits or refunds will be processed a minimum of 60 days after the date of the request to withdraw. Aloha Tournaments Lacrosse will not be responsible for any ancillary or related expenses incurred by any individual, team, club or organization if the team wishes to withdraw in whole or in part. 


  • No refunds will be issues for any team that is disqualified due to a violation of roster or tournament rules. 
  • No refunds will be issued for games cancelled for forfeits, no shows, etc. 
  • No refunds will be issued for games shortened or cancelled due to weather. 
  • No refunds will be issued for playoff or championship games canceled due to weather.